A fun and innovate design based off of our very own classic LEGO blocks. Bid for our shelf down below!!

  • Our Work

    Over the past few months Scott, Gayatri and Ifrah have been working hard to create a lego shelf to auction off on January 24th. Together they created three shelves all shaped as different coloured, 4 pegged LEGO Blocks. Together, we strive to complete this project with great outcomes, for others to be satisfied with the work done and for the money raised to be given to charity at Sick Kids.

  • What We Do

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    What we want to do

    Our mission is to create environmentally friendly furniture while also ensuring durability, storage space and an engaging and appealing image that people see when they first look at our product. By doing this we are minimizing the waste of cardboard in our environment and helping our environment get cleaner by the second.


    What we envision

    In the near future we envision that our product will sell and that the money made would be given to the sick kids foundation. We want the environment to be a cleaner and less polluted place, by up cycling cardboard scraps that would be thrown out we are helping our environment while keeping a maintained image for our product and company.


    What sets us apart from others

    We value hard working, innovative and determined workers. Through this journey we were able to create colourful, well-designed, and durable shelves that could be a great use for further work.

  • The Process

    4-5 Coats of Paint

    2 Coats of Paint

    1 Coat of Paint

  • Contact Us

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  • Our Team

    We've got a top notch team!

    Scott, Ifrah and Gayatri

    Founders of the LEGO SHELF